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In homage to the myth. Nuvolari's glove

Foulon is pleased to announce that, on the occasion of Retromobile 2024, was presented the collaboration with the for...

The thrill of the Cresta Run: a winter tradition in St. Moritz

Nestled among the beautiful Swiss Alps, the Cresta Run in St. Moritz has captivated the hearts of thrill seekers and ...

Concours d'Elegance Villa d'Este.

With the delivery of the Best of show title to the imposing 1935 Duesenberg SJ Speedster specially ordered for a 28-...


The XIV Historical Reedition of the Coppa Milano Sanremo and back has officially ended, with the participation of Foulon as official supplier.

THE ICE St. Moritz, the event that stole the show

THE ICE St. Moritz has been able to remix the cards in the world of classic car events in just a few editions. Basica...

The golden Age of Rally at the MAUTO in Turin

The golden age of rallies arrives in the halls of the National Automobile Museum, in an exhibition that has no preced...

Hidden jewel: the ADI Design Museum in Milan

Since 2021 there is a new museum in Milan. The ADI Design Museum, created to enhance the entire repertoire of project...

St. Moritz Mortorsport Rendezvous

On 7th September 2022 we had the chance to visit the Saint Moritz Motorsport Rendezvous. Organized by the "Internatio...

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