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In homage to the myth. Nuvolari's glove

Foulon is pleased to announce that, on the occasion of Retromobile 2024, was presented the collaboration with the formidable actor Graeme Hardy, master in portraying Tazio Nuvolari at the most prestigious classic car events. Hardy will now wear gloves specially made for him by Foulon, a faithful re-edition of the particular model worn by the flying Mantuan, to ensure that with every gesture he honors the legendary pilot in true style.

Nuvolari was the first driver to create his own personal image for his appearances on the track in such a way as to be recognized by spectators. Beyond the famous yellow jersey, Nuvolari paid attention to every detail of all the elements of his outfit even off the track. Particular care was reserved to his gloves, not only for racing, which were rigorously tailor-made for him in the most precious of glove leathers: peccary.

Photo credit: James Brown:


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