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Cookie Policy

  1. Cookie management

This cookie policy ("Cookie Policy") is an integral and essential part of Foulon's privacy policy available at this link and is intended to inform the user about what type of cookie is used on this site and provides guidance on how cookies can be managed by Users.

Any capitalized word or expression has the meaning set forth in the Privacy Policy.

Foulon uses Cookies to improve the use of web content by its Users and to adapt the browsing experience as close as possible to their wishes and needs, with the aim of making the web browsing experience more accessible and easy.

Foulon may periodically modify or update this Cookie Policy, in consideration of any changes to the applicable legislation or to the provisions of the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data, or to the services offered on the Site. The modifications and updates of this Cookie Policy are applied and brought to the attention of Users, as soon as they are adopted, by publication on the Site. Consequently, each User, when accessing the Site, is invited to periodically check the Cookie Policy.

  1. Definition of Cookies

Cookies are text files (letters and/or numbers) that contain small amounts of information that are stored by the browser on the User's computer or mobile device when the User visits a website. On subsequent visits by Users to the Site, the browser retransmits the cookies to the website that originated them. Cookies can be stored only for the time necessary to use the Site (so-called session cookies) or for a longer period regardless of the session (so-called persistent cookies).

  1. Type of Cookies

3.1 Third-party technical cookies, necessary and functional for browsing the Site

1) Cookies necessary for navigation:

  1. a) Nature: Technical cookies provided and managed by Shopify
  2. b) Purpose: these Cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the Site, allowing the User to navigate and use its essential features. These Cookies do not collect information about Users that could be used for marketing purposes. Technical Cookies are useful, among other things: (i) to record the data provided by the User during a browsing session; (ii) remember the settings chosen and the User's login credentials while browsing the Site; (iii) display the contents in the language chosen for each access, recognize from which country the User is connected (and remember this setting in future accesses). Acceptance of these Cookies is a necessary condition for the correct use of the Site and their refusal can prevent or seriously compromise the ability to navigate the Site.

Cookies necessary for the functioning of the sites

First name Function Duration
_Brochure_session Used in connection with browsing through site. -
checkout Used in connection with Pay checkout on 3w
signed_in Used in connection with Shop login. 1y
user Used in connection with Shop login. 1y

Reporting and analytics

First name Function
_landing_page Tracks landing pages.
_orig_referrer Tracks landing pages.
_s Shopify analytics.
_session_id Shopify analytics
_shopify_s Shopify analytics.
_shopify_sa_t Shopify analytics relating to marketing & referrals.
_shopify_uniq Shopify analytics.
_shopify_y Shopify analytics.
_y Shopify analytics.
*_assignment Shopify analytics
ab_test_* Shopify analytics.
cart_mr Shopify analytics.
ki_r Shopify analytics.
kit Shopify analytics.

We also use pixels and tags from the following third parties, which in turn may place cookies:

Cookies necessary for the functioning of the sites

Third Description Privacy Policy
Cloudflare Shopify uses Cloudflare Network as a Service for edge routing.


3.2 Third-party analytical cookies

  1. a) Nature: Analytics cookies provided and managed by Google Inc.
  2. b) Purpose: these Cookies monitor, anonymously and in aggregate form, statistical analyzes on Users' browsing on the Site, in order to adapt and improve the Site on the basis of these analysis results, in compliance with the interests expressed by the Users themselves.
  3. c) Data collected: information relating to the device and the User's browsing session on the Site, which never allow Foulon to autonomously identify the Users' Personal Data, such as: (i) the domain name from which the User accesses to the Internet; (ii) the address of the website from which the User is connected to the Site, if available; (iii) the date and time of connection to the Site, the duration of the session and which pages have been visited; (iv)

analytics.js set the following cookies:

First name Duration Description
_ ga 2 years It is used to distinguish users.
_ gid 24 hours It is used to distinguish users.
_ gat 1 minutes It is used to limit the rate of requests.
AMP_ TOKEN From 30 seconds to 1 year Includes a token that can be used to retrieve a Client ID from the AMP Client ID Service. Other possible values ​​indicate disablements, requests in progress, or errors obtained while retrieving an ID from the AMP Client ID Service.
_ gac_ <property-id> 90 days Includes campaign information about the user. If you have linked your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts, website conversion tags will read this cookie unless you disable it.

3.3 Profiling cookies

  1. a) Nature: profiling cookies provided and managed by Shopify.
  2. b) Purpose: Foulon uses profiling cookies in order to improve the customer experience of Users, through the provision of content based on personal interests and behaviors, and through marketing communications specifically referring to Products that are in accordance with the User's interests .
  3. c) Collected data: information relating to the device and the User's browsing session on the Site, to create a "navigation profile" of the User, based on the contents searched for and the most visited sections of the Site.
  4. d) Duration: permanent and session cookies.

For more information on profiling cookies, the User can access the following web page:

3.4 Social Media Cookies

  1. a) Nature: profiling cookies provided and managed by Facebook and Instagram.
  2. b) Purpose: Foulon uses the services provided by the main social media platforms in order to allow instant sharing of contents of the Site or to interact with some sections of the Site. Some of the third parties listed above may have set Cookies to identify the User o operate behavioral retargeting, which allows the User to access advertising content based on their interests and behaviors, which have been previously registered, even outside the Site.
  3. c) Data collected: information relating to navigation and relating to the User's preferences expressed while browsing the Site.
  4. d) Duration: session and permanent cookies.

For more information on social media cookies, and to refuse consent to their use, the User can access the following web pages: Facebook:; Instagram: .

  1. Acceptance and refusal of Cookies

Legitimate interest, consent, banner, access to browser settings panel, Your Online Choices service

1) Cookies without Users' consent

Foulon uses technical Cookies necessary and functional to navigation indicated in point 3.1 above and Cookie analytics indicated in point 3.2 above to achieve its legitimate interest represented by the benefit that Foulon can obtain by offering a functional, easy to use and more suitable Website the preferences expressed by Users in the context of browsing the Site and using the services, which Foulon believes prevail over the Users' right to privacy.

2) Cookies with the consent of the Users

The User can give his consent to the use of the profiling Cookies described in the previous points 3.3 and 3.4, through the instructions given in the banner on the Site.

3) Disabling Cookies

The User can disable Cookies at any time according to the indications provided by this Cookie Policy, accessible via the link contained within the banner and on each page of the Site (footer).

However, Foulon informs that in the event of disabling the technical Cookies described in point 3.1 above, correct navigation on the Site could be prevented or seriously compromised. Therefore, in order to make the best use of Foulon's services available through the Site, the User is strongly advised not to disable technical Cookies.

Without prejudice to the above, with reference to all Cookies on the Site, the User can change their settings, according to the methods provided for this purpose through the settings panel of the browser used, such as, for example:

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