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"when the waste becomes resources"

Our main objective is to create awareness in our community of people throughout the chain and reduce the environmental impact of our supply chain by increasing quality and reducing waste.

It starts from nature and ends with It.

Leather is a waste product in the food Chain.

Leather is a recycled Product

100% made in Italy 

The leather is processed and purchased under a strict control regime and the tanneries are selected on the basis of a centennial experience that allows us to know and know who operates and works under the banner of sustainability and who is not. Our suppliers, small specialized producers, are all on the outskirts of Milan, reducing waste of time, transport and reducing CO2 emissions.

The concrete commitment in the field of sustainability translates into the application of models consistent with the production cycles and in the attention to the environmental impact and consumption of resources. Every company works the precious fibers present in nature, recognizing their value and respecting a cycle that in itself is ecological and renewable. Also important are the continuous technological updating and the perfect knowledge of the manufacturing processes for maximum control over the quality of the product.

Our supplier network shares a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation with us. 





Using natural leather is our choice. The less a product is worked, the less its impact on the environment. A leather tanned with natural products is dyed and dried.