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Free shipping for italy and free returns



We remind you that in some foreign countries can be added customs duties and taxes. For a complete list of all the countries to which we ship, with relative shipping costs and extras, you can consult the table below:

Australia € 14,00 No (below 1000 AUD)
Austria € 30 approx No
Belgio € 30 approx No
Bulgaria 30 approx No
Cina €  Tax and Duties 
Cipro 30 approx No 
Corea del Sud €  Tax and Duties 
Croazia 30 approx No 
Danimarca 30 approx No 
Egitto €  Contact us 
Emirati Arabi €  Contact us 
Estonia 30 approx No 
Finlandia 30 approx No 
Francia 30 approx No
Germania 30 approx No
Giappone €  Tax and Duties 
Grecia 30 approx No
Guernsey €  No
Hong Kong €  Tax and Duties 
India €  Tax and Duties 
Irlanda 30 approx No
Islanda €  Contact us 
Israele €  Tax and Duties 
Jersey €  No
Lettonia 30 approx No
Lituania 30 approx No
Lussemburgo 30 approx No
Malta 30 approx No
Monaco 30 approx No
Norvegia €  Tax and Duties 
Nuova Zelanda €  Contact us
Paesi Bassi 30 approx No
Polonia 30 approx No
Portogallo 30 approx No
Qatar €  Contact us 
Regno Unito 30 approx No
Repubblica Ceca 30 approx No
Romania 30 approx No
Singapore Tax and Duties 
Slovacchia 30 approx No
Slovenia 30 approx No
Spagna 30 approx No
Stati Uniti €  No (below  800 USD) 
Svezia 30 approx No
Svizzera €  Tax and Duties 
Taiwan €  Tax and Duties 
Turchia €  Contat us 


There are no additional costs for delivery, except for shipments outside the European Community: in this case import duties and / or local taxes will be considered.

Additional charges are provided for example in Russia, Canada, China, Switzerland, Japan and others.

Regarding U.S.A. and Australia, due to trade agreements with the European Community, orders below USD 800 / AUD 1,000 will not have additional charges. For orders of a higher amount, our customer service will take care to contact to agree on any options to avoid additional charges.

Do not hesitate to contact us, our customer service will be available to help you to calculate them.

Timing : 

Once your order has completed its production cycle and passed the quality check, it will be shipped by express courier. The courier will make an attempt to deliver and in case of non-receipt will try again delivery the next day, up to a maximum of 3 consecutive attempts.

In Europe, deliveries take place within 1-2 working days. In Extra-EEC territories within a maximum of 4 working days; for the United States in 1-2 working days for the east coast and in 2-3 working days for the west coast; for Asia and Australia in 3-4 working days.

All orders are processed automatically and we are not able to change shipping and delivery times.

Request your own shipping method : 

Yes, you can request a specific courier for the delivery of your order by choosing between:
DHL, SDA, FedEx, GLS or UPS (however, we reserve the right to evaluate your request).

Track a shipment :

Each shipment is associated with a tracking number that will be communicated to you by e-mail. For your convenience, in the same communication, the direct link will also be inserted to access the site of the courier used.

In the absence of a direct link, you can always access the indicated courier site using the following keys, keeping in mind that the information can be updated within a few hours.

Our Warehouse Number is ; 0039/02/66049541 . Miss Giovanna . Internal code dial 233 .