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Cashmere Sheepskin






cashmere goat is a type of goat that produces cashmere wool , the goat's fine, soft, downy, winter undercoat, in commercial quality and quantity. This undercoat grows as the day length shortens and is associated with an outer coat of coarse hair, which is present all the year and is called guard hair. Most common goat breeds, including dairy goats, grow this two-coated fleece.

the finest Cashmere with an average diameter between 12-13 μm and average fiber length between 55-60mm . 

cashmere fur material has become famous for its softness and its ability to retain heat. Its specific weight is very low allowing the garments to be very warm and at the same time very light like no other natural material. This material is not treated like normal cashmere but is born naturally. We always remember that every material that Foulon uses is always a waste product of the food chain.